1. Q: Agribank is a bank for farmers only, is this true or not?

A: Agribank is a commercial bank with a mandate to play a leading role in Agricultural Development Financing and not limited to that objective, serves a diverse clientele base, farmers and non farmers. We offer commercial banking products and the following products/ services to all customer segments, that is, Business / Corporates, SMEs, Individuals NGOs, everyone is welcome:

  • Current accounts;
  • Savings accounts;
  • Investments accounts;
  • Treasury products;
  • Agricultural loans.

2. Q: How many branches does the bank have?

A: The bank boasts of a large branch network and is currently found in 48 places in the various provinces of the country. 

3. Q: Who are the main shareholders of the bank?

A: The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture.


Agribank is a registered commercial bank in terms of the Banking Act of Zimbabwe (Chapter 24:20) and is subject to the supervision of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The Bank is a loan granting and deposit taking agricultural development financial institution.
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