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    Pay fees through Agribank Branch. [read more]

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    We are all encouraged to make use of Tip-Offs Anonymous to report any corporate wrong that is suspected or has reasonable grounds that it is actually happening. This programme is externally administered by Deloitte. You can help improve the Bank’s ethical standards by sending your information to the following hotlines or email. [read more]

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    Get your ZESA from Agribank whether you bank with us or not . [read more]

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    Zinara Motor vehicle licensing now available at Agribank. [read more]


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Agribank is a registered commercial bank in terms of the Banking Act of Zimbabwe (Chapter 24:20) and is subject to the supervision of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The Bank is a Loan and Deposit taking Financial Institution.



The availability of credit depends to a very large extent on the bank’s ability to recover funds lent out .To this extend the bank’s observance of specific credit policies and procedures becomes critical in order to ensure prudent lending.




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