Agribank - CUT Integration

Agribank is excited to announce the completion of a systems integration between CUT and Agribank . What this means is that CUt students, parents or guardians can deposit their fees through any Agribank branch in the country. This will automatically update the students records at the University.


Agribank welcomes CUT students, staff, parents and guardians to banking convinience as "You will experience in all of Agribank's 48 branches spanning the ten provinces of the country!!."   

Zinara Partnership
The Zinara Agribank partnership allows clients to access ALL their motor vehicle insurance needs at Agribank. Previously clients would pay for their Insurance in the Banking Halls then proceed to either Zinara offices or the Post Office to get their discs done. This was inconvenient and costly. At Agribank you can now pay for your Insurance and receive your Zinara disc ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. The service is available at all of Agribank ‘s 48 branches countrywide.
ZESA Partnership
Agribank is delighted to announce that not only Agribank clients but MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC in general can walk in into any of Agribank’s 48 branches countrywide and pay for their electricity and update or get connected immediately.

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