Ordinary Savings Account


This is an account into which funds are deposited with the bank for convenience, safety and growth through interest earnings and withdrawn in times of need by either a savings withdrawal or an ATM withdrawal




Individuals over 18 years of age (if under 18, parental/guardian consent is sort)

Withdrawals can be done on all Zimswitch ATMS

SMS banking compatibility

ATM Card - Allows 24 hrs of convinience Banking

Easy access - No withdrawal restrictions at any branch

Notice- No prior withdrawal notice is required

Statements - Monthly statements for your records at client's request





Agrisave Account


The account is for those who seriously want to save, considering the minimum salary levels in the mass market.



A savings account

Credit Interest 2% p.a on daily balance, capitalized monthly

Minimum balance of $100

Normal cash withdrawal fees apply

No account maintenance fees.


Student Savings Account


University and College Students



Account opening deposit of US$5.00

Minimum balance of US$5.00

Account Maintenance fees - Zero

Interest 2% per annum on monthly minimum balance, acrued daily and capitalized monthly

Debit Card will be free on opening account

Account opening will involve simultaneous registration on Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and e-Statements.


Junior Savings Account


To promote an early age savings culture (For children between ages of 6 and 16 years)



Opening deposit of $25.00

Account Maintenance fee is Zero

Cash withdrawal charge is Zero

Interest is 2% per annum on minimum balance of $100 accrued daily and capitalized monthly

Withdrawals are only allowed after 12 months of opening account

Executive Premium Account


It is an Executive Savings Account. Offers a fixed investment period of (30,60 and 90 days)



It targets the Cash rich society, High Net Worth Clients and Upcoming Executives

Account earns market related Interest and is also negotiable with treasury

Minimum Investment amount $10 000.00

Subject to 15% witholding tax


Platinum Account



No cash withdrawal fees

No ledger fees

Minimum balance of $550.00

Account earns interest

Cheque Account


This is a transactional account into which money is deposited, and withdrawn principally by means of a cheque or ATM card



The product is for individuals with high transactional volumes whose incomes are primarily used to pay various bills rather than saving

Minimum net monthly salary is advised from time to time

50 form cheque books available.

Agribank is a registered commercial bank in terms of the Banking Act of Zimbabwe (Chapter 24:20) and is subject to the supervision of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The Bank is a loan granting and deposit taking agricultural development financial institution.
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